JStock - Stock Market, Watchlist, Portfolio & News

JStock makes stock investment easy. JStock makes it easy to track your stock investment. It provides well organized stock market information, to help you decide your best investment strategy.

Watch stock prices and set stock alerts

Watch stock prices and set stock alerts.

Stock market news

Stock market news.

Insider transactions

Know who is buying or selling stock.

Company financial health analysis

Company financial health analysis.

Quarterly and yearly financial reports

Quarterly and yearly financial reports.

Compare with peer

Compare against other companies' financial ratio within same industry.

Portfolio summary chart

Portfolio summary chart.

Annualized yield at a glance

Annualized yield at a glance.

Comprehensive company info for stock analysis

Comprehensive company info for stock analysis.

Record buy, sell and dividend

Record buy, sell and dividend.

Dividend chart

Dividend chart.

Desktop app

JStock integrates seamless with JStock Desktop. Free JStock Desktop can be downloaded separately from https://jstock.org